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Corporal Frederick Josiah (Joseph) Roberts

Frederick Josiah (or Joseph) E Roberts was born at Long Plains on 17th November 1889, the fifth son of Josiah and Martha Roberts.

On the outbreak of the Great War, as an unmarried 25 year old, Frederick answered the call to enlist in the army. He was given the regimental number 680 in the 27th Infantry Battalion, 7th Brigade, 2nd Division of the Australian Imperial Forces. After serving at Gallipoli, his Battalion was sent to France where, on 7 April 1916, the 7th Brigade became the first Australians in the front line in Europe.

On 5 November 1916, the 7th Brigade took part in a "minor operation" on the Somme that resulted in 835 casualties. Frederick Roberts was one of these. He went missing in action. To this day he, like many others, is classed as having an unknown grave.

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100 Years - The Great War: Remembering our WW1 Veterans

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